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We supply Frozen Milk Fish (Ikan Bandeng) from Indonesia.
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We supply dried Sea Cucumber (also known as Haisen, Haisom).
Origin : Indonesian
Packing : in clean new Plastic bag (PP Bags)  of 1kg, 2kgs and  5kgs
Delivery : by courier / EMS (Express Mail Service) / Air Cargo / DHL Courier
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We can handle small order of 10 kgs - 50 kgs via Air Cargo or DHL if requested.

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How does it process before we sell to you ?
Most of our dried Sea Cucumber are processed naturally, cooked 3 times after removing the dirt inside the body and dried naturally under Sunshine for several days.

The  Original taste of the Sea Cucumber is maintained as it is from the sea but it is washed and
cooked to reduce the salt from the Sea Cucumber but the taste is still tasty and delicious.

Due to the rare of supplies and many request for small quantity order, hence we develop this
site so we can handle your order directly via email or whatsapps.

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In particular, sea cucumber meals have been offered on special occasions, especially New Year celebrations. Sea Cucumber also served in exclusive Chinese Restaurants or International Restaurants at 5* Hotels worldwide.

To prepare the sea cucumber after it is collected, the internal organs are removed, and dirt and sand are washed out of the cavity. It is then boiled in salty water and dried in the air to preserve it. When readied for use in making food, the hard, dried sea cucumber is softened. The process is quite lengthy, which is why this food tends to appear at special dinners and banquets more so than in day-to-day cuisine. To soften the dried sea cucumbers, the instructions are: place the sea cucumbers in a pot and add cold water to cover; soak for at least 12 hours; then cook over low heat for 1 to 2 hours; add more water, as necessary, to make sure that the water always covers the cucumbers; remove from heat and let cool to room temperature, then drain.

According to analysis by principles of traditional Chinese medicine, the sea cucumber nourishes the blood and vital essence (jing), tonifies kidney qi (treats disorders of the kidney system, including reproductive organs), and moistens dryness (especially of the intestines). It has a salty quality and warming nature. Common medicinal uses of sea cucumber in China include treating: weakness, impotence, debility of the aged, constipation due to intestinal dryness, and frequent urination.
The sea cucumber properties may be compared with certain other common Chinese tonics that are used in food therapy, such as cordyceps (dongchong xiacao; which tonifies yang and is less moistening) and tremella (yiner; which nourishes yin and is moistening, but is less effective as a blood tonic). For yin and blood deficiency, especially manifesting as intestinal dryness, sea cucumber is combined with tremella to make a soup. For impotence, frequent urination, and other signs of kidney deficiency, sea cucumber is cooked with mutton. For nourishing essence and blood in persons who suffer from emaciation, it is combined in soup with pork.

From the nutritional viewpoint, sea cucumber is an ideal tonic food. It is higher in protein (at 55%) than most any other food except egg whites (at 99%) and it has 10-16% mucopolysaccharides, substances that are used to build the cartilage. Sea cucumber is lower in fat than most other foods.

From the modern medical viewpoint, sea cucumber is a valuable source of several kinds of substances that can serve as natural health products, and, perhaps, be developed as drugs. Since sea cucumber is consumed as a food by a very small segment of the population outside East Asia, most people do not have access to its beneficial components. Thus, extracts of desired sea cucumber materials are put into easy-to-consume formats, such as capsules (hard and soft gelatin) and tablets.

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